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Welcome to the RSCA


The Responsible Supply Chain Association (RSCA) – a Practitioner of Social Responsibility for China’s Textile and Apparel Industry.

In the context of the economic globalization, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only an ethical or moral issue, but it concerns the corporate concept and philosophy that impacts management and operational aspects of businesses. CSR places an emphasis on the respect and recognition of human values of employees and taking care of their consumers, environment and multi-stakeholders. This practice that goes beyond of the profit-driven approach previously taken as the only business objective is increasingly embraced by international and Chinese enterprises and companies.

The RSCA is an industry-wide and professional body for the promotion of social responsibilities, which is directly under the administration of China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC). It is composed of enterprises, companies, buyers, retailers and other interested parties within the entire textile supply chain, with an aim at utilizing resources and strengths of multi-stakeholders to promote CSR related ideas and concepts and assisting businesses in raising CSR awareness and improving management practice.

The RSCA is an industry specific, self-disciplinary and voluntary association for the Chinese textile and clothing industry with a particular focus on putting the CSR ideas and concept into practice so as to primarily protect workers’ rights and enhance capacity building of businesses for sustainable development.

We extend to you a warm welcome and hope that you will wish to join our Association or develop joint collaborative programmes.

The RSCA and CSC9000T related information is temporarily linked to FAQ/HELP. The English website is under construction, which will be completed soon.

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