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First Event of TexSMC 2016 for Textile Supply Chain held in Shangyu

2016-05-20 16:28:11    


In the afternoon of May 13, the Supply Chain Chemical Control and Innovation Collaboration Workshop, the first member event of TexSMC 2016, was held in Shangyu, Zhejiang province. The participating experts for this workshop came from the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), ZDHC Foundation, major global procurement brands, member units of the Textile Sustainable Manufacturing Coalition (TexSMC), China Dyeing Industry Association, higher education institutions, and third-party institutions. This workshop consists of two topics:
Topic 1: Findings from waste water discharge test during textile production
First, Astro Lam, Deputy Director of SGS’s Hong Kong Lab and R&D Center, analyzed the data derived from testing of hazardous substances in the waste water in China’s textile and dyeing industry, and made comparison with the global level. Mr. Niu Lei, Sustainable Development Manager of Puma’s Supply Chain, shared the data from waste water quality tests conducted by 32 Puma vendors as required by Puma in 2015. The purpose is to observe to what extent can the ZDHC chemical substances be detected in waste water, so as to assess the compliance of supply chain MRSL. Prof. Xi Danli from Donghua University shared the ZDHC Action Guide to Textile Waste Water 2016, and revealed the creators and date of the emission standards, which would be published for public comments on July 1, 2016 and released on September 1. According to Prof. Xi, hazardous substances (134 dye substances, divided into 11 categories and 50 chemicals) were required to be lower than the detected values in 2017. In the discussion session that followed, Chief Engineer Ou Qi from Zhejiang Lonsen Group Co., Ltd., Minister Zhao Mei from Zhejiang Transfer Co., Ltd. R&D Director Zhang Yugao from Esquel Group Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Wang Ying from Far Eastern Textile (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and General Manager Wang Jianping from Shanghai Intertek Quality Technological Service Co., Ltd. expressed their views on the topics covered by the speakers and based on their own circumstances. Through sharing by the representatives and experts, we further learned what hazardous chemicals were spotted in the waste water of China’s textile industry and the degree of residue, analyzed their sources, proposed countermeasures, discussed the difficulties in implementation of solutions and how to work together to eradicate the hazardous chemicals.
Topic 2: Problems identified in review of supply chain chemicals

In the discussion of the second topic, Alex Tai from ZDHC’s brand representative L’ Brand shared the best practice in chemical management. According to him, a company should first clarify the difference between ZDHC MRSL and RSL. Also, he explained the best practice in chemical management with several principles, including separation of acid and alkaline, isolation of corrosive chemicals from organic and combustive chemicals, strict compliance with the safety data table in the labeling and storage of chemicals, and selection of appropriate storage conditions for special chemicals based on their physical and chemical properties. Dr. Jiang Hong from SGS shared the best and worst practice in corporate chemical control based on personal experience and pointed out the systematic method for chemical management and review. Ms. Zhao Hui from Testex Group shared some problems identified during chemical review, covering chemical screening, a complete list of chemicals, chemical-related training, and chemical transportation, storage and use. Finally, Deputy General Manager Zhang Jianxiang from Luthai Textile Group discussed with other guests the experience in the use and management of chemicals and issues encountered.


Finally, Hu Kehua, Deputy Director of Office for Social Responsibility of CNTAC described the arrangements of the Action Outline 2020 for Chemical Management Innovation and welcomed companies committed to sustainable development of China’s textile industry to join in the commitment to innovative management of chemicals, to work together for green manufacturing in China’s textile industry!  

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