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Time:2020-12-23 16:01:37    Source:Website

As an important part of this year's China Textile Conference, the 2020 China Textile and Apparel Industry Social Responsibility Annual Conference was successfully held in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China on December 22. At the annual meeting, Chen Dapeng, vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council and president of China National Garment Association, released the "2019-2020 Annual Report on Social Responsibility of China's Textile Industry" and made a work report.
Chen Dapeng pointed out that since the launch of social responsibility work in 2005, China Textile Federation has actively played a leading role in the industry, conducted in-depth analysis and research on enterprises in the textile and garment industry, and continued to publicly disclose to domestic and foreign stakeholders and all sectors of society, sharing social responsibility concepts and practices. the latest results. The 2019-2020 annual report is the 15th industry social responsibility report released by China National Textile and Apparel Council.
In 2019, the overall prosperity index of the textile industry was in the development range, and the added value of the chemical fiber industry and filament weaving industry maintained rapid growth; the growth rate of China's textile and apparel consumption slowed down significantly compared with 2018; %; the operating efficiency fluctuates, and the operating pressure of enterprises has increased. The profit margin of the main business of textile enterprises above designated size in the country has reached a low of nearly ten years (4.6%). The growth rate of textile machinery exports was significantly higher than that of imports, with exports increasing by 2.96% year-on-year; exports to countries along the “Belt and Road” continued to grow; cotton spinning and knitting enterprises were the forerunners of overseas investment, weaving and printing and dyeing enterprises accelerated their transfer overseas, and chemical fiber enterprises Start overseas layout; Vietnam is still a hot spot for investment, and Ethiopia and Egypt in Africa are the most attractive.
The industry is facing social responsibility challenges in terms of labor force, ecological environment protection, and overseas investment. The demographic dividend is weakening, labor costs are rising, labor force is “discontinued”, e-commerce expansion, and labor shortages; stricter pollution standards, and stricter access to the printing and dyeing industry. Standards, requirements for the total amount of recycled fiber; labor disputes overseas, conflict threats, public health security, sustainable development pressures, etc.
Chen Dapeng said that in the face of the turbulent external environment, China's textile and garment industry can still make progress while maintaining stability. Management, automation and intelligent upgrading and transformation; a series of effective measures such as responsible investment, localized operation, respect for cultural differences, etc., continue to support the stable development of the national economy and effectively adjust the layout of overseas markets. Important achievements have been made in integrating into major national strategies, improving the social responsibility capacity building system, and promoting the new positioning of green technology and fashion.
Chen Dapeng concluded that China Textile Federation is committed to continuously enhancing the influence of social responsibility in the industry and providing the industry with comprehensive scientific and effective social responsibility solutions. In terms of people-oriented responsibility, we will focus on promoting family-friendly factory initiatives and supporting companies to establish a gender-sensitive corporate culture; enhancing the protection of employees' rights and interests in overseas companies and enhancing the leadership of female employees; and continuing to pay attention to the building of social responsibility capabilities in the textile supply chain. In terms of environmental responsibility, it shows the green "model" of China's fashion; "supports the green and sustainable development of the "Belt and Road"; promotes the traceability of chemicals in the international industrial chain, pays attention to green technology innovation; promotes a new model of industrial sustainable development through public welfare finance , Start the "Seeds Program for Clothing Reconstruction". In terms of market responsibility, the "Guidelines for Responsible Overseas Investment of Chinese Textile and Apparel Enterprises" was issued to build a full-cycle responsible investment; to enhance the international voice and influence, and to promote the responsibility sharing of the international supply chain; to promote the disclosure of industry and regional social responsibility information , to create a sustainable development of the industry situation.
Especially when it comes to consumer and market leadership, and supply chain collaboration. China Textile Federation has held the "Sustainable Fashion Week" for four consecutive years to showcase the industry's unremitting efforts in the field of sustainable development, promote fashion cases, and lead consumers to form sustainable consumption concepts and fashion values. At the same time, China Textile Federation also guides the industry to actively integrate into the international supply chain, actively participate in the formulation of rules, and share the value concept of sustainable development. On the one hand, it innovatively launched the "Sustainable Textile Labeling Group" activity to help overseas trade, encouraged exhibitors to apply for the "Sustainable Textile Labeling Group" logo, and supported companies with excellent social responsibility performance to gain more international recognition. On the other hand, the social responsibility consulting service will be launched on the overseas exhibition platform to provide exhibitors with international sustainable standard requirements, international customer social responsibility code of conduct, social responsibility audit or factory inspection, and social responsibility capability improvement programs and other services; provide basis for buyers The code of conduct requires it to help it quickly connect with exhibitors and suppliers that meet the social responsibility standards required by it, so that trade is more credible and business has no barriers.

Chen Dapeng said that in the next year, China Textile Federation will continue to carry out the CSC9000T membership pilot and development support system, upgrade the sustainable product design and development big data system platform, promote the ESG transparency governance of listed companies in the textile and apparel industry, and continue to strengthen the supply chain resilience. of multi-party cooperation.
In addition, the "China Textile and Apparel Industry Life Cycle Evaluation Working Group" was officially announced at this meeting.
At the launching ceremony, Yan Yan, director of the Social Responsibility Office of China National Textile and Apparel Council, first introduced the basic situation of the "China Textile and Garment Industry Life Cycle Evaluation Working Group" to the guests. The working group aims to carry out the construction of the LCA evaluation system and tools for textile products, investigate, research and develop the material environment database and application cases of the whole life cycle of the textile industry chain, and realize the carbon footprint, water footprint and chemical footprint of textile and related products. Standardized measurement and ecological analysis of environmental indicators, through the scientific method from the product perspective, analyze the optimization path of energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon reduction of enterprises and products, and supply chain environmental management, etc., and strengthen the two-way coordinated green governance of the industrial chain and the value chain. Up to now, 40 members have joined, including 31 enterprises and 9 academic and technical institutions, which basically cover the whole supply chain process of main fiber materials, textile chemicals, textiles, printing and dyeing, sewing, non-manufacturing and purchasing brands. and the consumer side.
Finally, representatives of the member units of the whole life cycle assessment working group of China's textile and garment industry, vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council | President of China Garment Association Chen Dapeng, vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council | President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association Li Lingshen, Director of Productivity Promotion Department of China National Textile and Apparel Council | Director of China Textile Information Center Qiao Yanjin, Director of National Product Development Center Li Binhong, Director of China National Textile and Apparel Council Social Responsibility Office Yan Yan and other leaders jointly completed the launching ceremony .
In the future, the working group will jointly carry out the construction of the textile LCA evaluation system, develop the case data of the life cycle of the textile industry chain, and find the optimization path of enterprise supply chain management, energy saving and emission reduction through scientific means, and start in the field of sustainable design. To lead and demonstrate the role of the industry.
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