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Project Introduction
Publish social responsibility reports and performance information disclosures for companies
Electronic information industry is the basic, strategic and leading industry of the national economy, which plays a very important role in promoting social employment, driving economic growth, adjusting industrial institutions, transforming development modes, safeguarding national security and realizing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
China National Textile And Apparel Council participated in China's electronic information industry in China with the electronic information industry social responsibility social responsibility guidelines for project management system project are social responsibility by the China electronics standardization technology association working committee organization relevant institutions and enterprises jointly drafted, electronic information industry enterprises and relevant organizations to promote corporate social responsibility management consciousness and ability, Provide methodological standards and guidelines for continuous improvement of CSR management performance. Determine the scope of the responsibility advocate groups according to their own environment, with the support of the leadership and all kinds of resources, through the social responsibility into the organization's strategic and business operation, on the basis of improving and strengthening management system to improve organization and the ability to grasp the opportunity, preventing risks and improve business performance and social responsibility performance, the realization organization and social benefit.
Project Information
Publish social responsibility reports and performance information disclosures for companies
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