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  • Sustainable Trade Terms Initiative (STTI) project
    The Sustainable Trade Terms Initiative (STTI) is spearheaded by the STAR Network, the International Clothing Federation (IAF) and the Better Buying Institute.
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  • Investment projects in Southeast Asia
    The social responsibility performance of overseas Chinese-invested enterprises is often closely watched by international stakeholders.
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  • Overseas Investment Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines Project
    Since the "going out" strategy was put forward, Chinese enterprises' foreign investment and cooperation have developed rapidly, and now they have become one of the most important forces in the field of international investment.
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  • Survey on the Status Quo of Due Diligence Management of China's Textile and Apparel Enter
    The purpose of this study is to focus on the understanding and implementation of due diligence among Chinese companies throughout the textile and apparel supply chain.
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  • Fair Trade
    CSC9000T believes that "fairness and integrity are the basic principles of production and operation and market competition".
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  • Regional sustainable development
    Textile and apparel industrial clusters and industrial park is China's textile and clothing industry the most dynamic and development prospects of important economic form, also is the main reason that the fast development of the industry.
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  • Sustainable Textile Initiative Family(STIF)project
    Through the promotion of "Sustainable Textile Initiative Family" (STIF), on-site knowledge sharing and other forms,integrate the concept of social responsibility and Sustainable
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  • Social Responsibility Guiding Project of China's Overseas Contracting Industry
    To better help Chinese foreign contracting engineering company sets up the scale of the construction of the social responsibility
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  • China tea Industry sustainable Development Guide project
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  • China Electronic Information Industry Social responsibility project
    Electronic information industry is the basic, strategic and leading industry of the national economy.
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  • Chinese Industrial Enterprises and Industrial Associations social responsibility Guide project
    China Federation of Industrial Economics believes that the Guidelines have a clear guiding role for industrial enterprises and associations in preparing social responsibility reports and practicing social responsibility.
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  • China's Responsible Outbound Mining Investment and Supply Chain Management Project
    Mineral resources are capital-intensive industries. The sustainable development of mineral resource enterprises requires not only a stable legal, political, social and economic environment, but also the long-term trust of the public.
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  • Sustainable Natural Rubber Guide project
    As an important industrial raw material, strategic material and agricultural and forestry economic crop, natural rubber has the multiple attributes of typical agriculture, forestry, industry and financial derivatives in its entire life cycle and industry
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  • China Information and Communication Industry corporate social responsibility Management System proje
    The CSR management system project in China's information and communication industry is jointly participated by industry benchmarking enterprises and all sectors of society, and it took more than a year to complete the preparation.
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  • Social Responsibility Guide project for Chinese small and medium-sized Enterprises
    Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important force driving economic and social development, as well as an important foundation for prospering the economy, increasing employment, improving people's livelihood, and promoting innovation.
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  • Intellectual property protection project
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  • Regional investment projects in Africa
    Supported by the Ministry of Commerce, China National Textile And Apparel Council, the United Nations industrial development organization for
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