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Project Introduction
Publish social responsibility reports and performance information disclosures for companies
Textile and apparel industrial clusters and industrial park is China's textile and clothing industry the most dynamic and development prospects of important economic form, also is the main reason that the fast development of the industry, but also promote the innovation source of regional competitiveness and promote regional economic prosperity, the construction of advanced textile industry cluster "difference" in China's textile and garment industry is the inevitable requirements of high quality.
On December 12, 2006, China National Textile And Apparel Council officially launched the pilot work of corporate social responsibility management system (CSC9000T) for textile industry clusters, through the standardization of international social responsibility related rules and standards system, with CSC9000T social responsibility management system as a guide tool and implementation documents, It has improved the awareness and management level of social responsibility of textile and garment industry clusters and enterprises, accumulated and established the performance database of social responsibility management of Chinese textile enterprises, and promoted the construction of a responsible textile supply chain in China. And through further strengthen strategic planning on the development of industry cluster, the path of sustainable development, responsibility, brand building and international resources integration of continuous research and consulting service work, help the cluster better integration into the global trade competition rules system, enhance the level of ability of sustainable development and enlarge the international influence of cluster regional brands, Thus contributing to the global sustainable Development Goals.
Project Information
Publish social responsibility reports and performance information disclosures for companies
Social Responsibility Construction and Sustainable Development Fully promote the construction of a w
The \"Humen Brand Responsibility Competitiveness and Industrial Sustainable Development Innovation E
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