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Project Introduction
Publish social responsibility reports and performance information disclosures for companies
Since the "going out" strategy was put forward, Chinese enterprises' foreign investment and cooperation have developed rapidly, and now they have become one of the most important forces in the field of international investment. In order to help overseas investment companies to better identify and control project risks related to sustainable development, so that investment projects can be better accepted and supported by local stakeholders, and then investment projects can make better use of local resources and economy. Opportunity, China Textile Federation participated in the project of "Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility of Overseas Investment" initiated by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and drafted by Kaiyuan Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The project guidelines cover 6 major regions in the world, 48 key countries and 6 major industries with top overseas investment rankings. It aims to better connect Shanghai enterprises with international rules, promote industrial upgrading, sustainable development and leverage internal Governance to promote the rule of law in overseas investment and business provides detailed and comprehensive guidelines.
Project Information
Publish social responsibility reports and performance information disclosures for companies
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