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A planned progress towards chemicals environmental management in the Chinese textile sector: 2017 Im
Time:2022-02-20 23:52:48    Source:Website

n 2017, CNTAC (the Social Responsibility Office of CNTAC) and ZDHC Foundation launched the "Chemicals Stewardship Roadmap 2020" Implementation Circuit Workshops, based on the achievements and learnings from the “Early Champion” 2016 Pilot. The kick-off meeting of the Implementation Circuit was held at Binhai Textile industry Zone in Zhejiang on June 28th, then till August 18th, 9 workshops in total were conducted under the auspices of the China Textile Information Center (CTIC), Textile Sustainable Manufacturing Coalition(TexSMC) and the Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy of the Ministry of Environmental Protection(MEP-PRCEE). The Workshops covered the 5 regional clusters where the textile industry has a strong presence including amongst others, the Provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong and Shandong.
In 2016, initiated by Office for Social Responsibility of CNTAC and supported by CTIC, Chemicals Stewardship 2020 Initiative is a cross-industry policy framework, action plan and mechanism and has as its overall objective the achievement of the continuous improvement in and achievement of good chemical management throughout the textile supply chain so that, by 2020, chemical management and risk control systems will be widely established by the Chinese textile and apparel industry. Through its strategic collaboration, CNTAC and ZDHC work together through on the "Chemicals Stewardship Roadmap 2020" which promotes proactive and impactful chemical management in the value chain. With a focus on the value chain of the Chinese textile industry, the objectives of our collaboration are to continuously improve the chemical and environmental management capacity in the value chain; and drive the industry wide transformation to a greener industry, green manufacturing and sustainable development at key textile industrial parks.
A large number of textile dyeing and printing enterprises, chemical suppliers and industrial parks attended these workshops. The objective of the workshops was to leverage the experiences and achievements from the Early Champion pilot, to scale implementation practices. Enterprises capacity for managing chemicals and their effort to become greener by upgrading chemicals management practices is actively supported. Finally, near 300 participating enterprises and 900 participants were proactively helped to understand and meet the requirements of their downstream customer as well as international brands.
Thus, the movement of Chemicals Stewardship 2020 steps into the phase of 2017 Early Champion, and the progress will be updated in the 5th ZDHC-CNTAC Conference on Hazardous Chemical Control & Sustainable Manufacturing in shanghai on October 10th 2017.
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